Welcome to the CSS set of video tutorials

Here is another super unit of work for your pupils. This is a structured program of lessons ideal for pupils who have completed the HTML unit with ease. We take pupils through the steps needed to get started using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). We show and tell them what to do as they watch and listen. Pupils will start off by making and using an internal stylesheet for a poem called 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe. They will modify HTML tags and define and use class selectors. They will then move on to making a reusable external style sheet and link it to a number of files. Pupils are constantly encouraged to explore CSS, to make and try out different styles and see the results. We show pupils how to get help when they are stuck and where to go for ideas on developing further their CSS knowledge and skills.

Pupils should have a basic working knowledge of HTML before approaching this unit. If they can produce a web page using a range of common HTML tags and can format the page appropriately then they are ready to get started using CSS with the help of these videos.


Part 1 - Introduction     css1
Part 2 - Getting started
Part 3 - Setting up the stylesheet
Part 4 - Exploring CSS
Part 5 - CSS properties
Part 6 - Class selectors
Part 7 - More on class selectors
Part 8 - External stylesheets
Part 9 - Reusing stylesheets
Part 10 - Developing your skills