Welcome to the Flash set of video tutorials

This is a complete module of work for pupils. We have prepared over 15 structured animated tutorials lasting approximately 2 hours in total. They show your students how to make their very first Flash animations. We assume no prior knowledge or experience. These are the perfect, hassle-free way of letting your pupils get on and produce great work at their own pace. They are ideal for the classroom, cover work, homework, computer clubs or self-study.  A perfect introduction for pupils of all age!


Part 1 - Introduction     
Part 2 - Setting up Flash
Part 3 - The backdrop sky
Part 4 - The trees
Part 5 - The cars
Part 6 - The sun
Part 7 - The start button
Part 8 - The buildings
Part 9 - Using layers
Part 10 - Building up the picture
Part 11 - Animating the cars

Part 12 - Adding sounds
Part 13 - Starting the movie
Part 14 - Web pages, html and PowerPoint
Part 15 - Practise tweening
Part 16 - Bouncing balls
Part 17 - The paint bucket won't fill shapes!