Welcome to the FreeMind set of video tutorials

This exciting set of videos shows pupils how to use the free software application called FreeMind for mind mapping ideas, making neat and memorable and effective revision notes and organising and reorganising their thoughts. These videos are not just a set of how-to lessons, but a structured program of lessons ideal for pupils of all abilities. We take pupils through the steps needed to produce superb mind maps, showing and telling them what to do as they watch and listen. These videos are suitable as a classroom resources, cover work, an ICT club, homework and self-study, to name but a few ideas.


Part 1 - Introduction     freemind1
Part 2 - Getting help
Part 3 - Setting up FreeMind
Part 4 - Adding and deleting nodes
Part 5 - Rearranging nodes
Part 6 - Inserting extra nodes
Part 7 - Icons
Part 8 - Edge styles
Part 9 - Formatting the nodes
Part 10 - Images and hyperlinks
Part 11 - Adding clouds
Part 12 - Exporting and printing