Welcome to the HTML set of video tutorials

Here is another complete unit of work for students. Use the videos for class lessons, cover work, computing clubs, homework or self-study. This is a complete, structured introductory program of lessons ideal for pupils of all abilities from KS3 classes through to A Level. We take pupils through the steps needed to produce their first website using HTML, showing and telling them what to do as they watch and listen. Pupils will make a five-page website, complete with formatting options, internal, external and picture links, music, video and special effects using javascript. We show pupils how to get help when they are stuck and where to go for ideas on developing their HTML knowledge and their websites.

This work will give pupils the knowledge and confidence to produce their own websites in the future and to modify ones that use applications when those applications don't behave in the way they expect! All the software we use is freely available on the Internet or is already installed on your computer.


Part 1 - Introduction     
html1Part 2 - Getting started
Part 3 - The basic tags
Part 4 - Spacing work out
Part 5 - Backgrounds
Part 6 - formatting the font
Part 7 - Lists
Part 8 - Adding a picture
Part 9 - More on pictures
Part 10 - Getting feedback
Part 11 - The India page
Part 12 - Linking pages
Part 13 - More on links
Part 14 - Adding music
Part 15 - Adding video
Part 16 - Special effects