Welcome to the IrfanView set of video tutorials

This super set of lessons shows your students how to use the hugely popular free application called IrfanView to process photos and other images. This is an ideal structured program of lessons, perfect for pupils of all abilities. We take pupils through the steps needed to manipulate images for websites and other applications, showing and telling them what to do as they watch and listen. IrfanView is an ideal compliment to any Scheme of Work. It's perfect for all ICT Clubs and off-timetable activities. Create brilliant effects, which can be used  for all kinds of things. Pupils need to be confident enough to work with images for various purposes and IrfanView is ideal for that. IrfanView is a free program and you can get it from here.


Part 1 - Introduction     irfanview
Part 2 - Setting IrfanView up
Part 3 - Resizing a picture
Part 4 - Batch conversions
Part 5 - Slideshows
Part 6 - Cropping and adding text
Part 7 - Basic effects
Part 8 - Special effects