How to make the classic arcade game Frogger using Scratch

A set of structured animated tutorials lasting approximately two hours that show your students how to program this classic arcade game. We show your pupils exactly how to make this style of game, one that they and their friends can actually play! They do this using Scratch, a programming environment designed especially for students. you can use these videos in the classroom for lessons, for cover work, in computer clubs, for homework or for self-study.

Part 1 - What you will make
frogger1Part 2 - Importing resources
Part 3 - The clock, levels and lives
Part 4 - Making the frog move
Part 5 - The green car
Part 6 - Keeping score and levels
Part 7 - Changing the lives
Part 8 - Making five levels
Part 9 - Adding a car
Part 10 - Lots of vehicles
Part 11 - The finishing touches

Please note that there are various resources for making the games using the free Scratch tutorial videos. These include backgrounds, sprites, sounds, versions of each game at various stages and the final game. These are available as a free download to all schools and colleges who have bought a Subscription licence. You can get these resources from the Downloads section of the website, which you will see once you log in using the Download account details you are sent when a subscription is purchased.