Welcome to the SketchUp set of video tutorials

This excellent package of lessons shows your pupils how to make their first 3D model using the cutting edge software 'SketchUp', free from Google. This set of tutorials is not just a set of how-to lessons, but a structured program of videos, ideal for pupils of all abilities. We take pupils through the steps needed to design a 3D dog house in a series of short videos, showing and telling them what to do as they watch and listen. Pupils learn all of the necessary skills, such as orbiting, panning, using styles, shadows and components, how to make and use their own components and so on. 

This is an exciting module of work that will really grab the interest of your students. You can use these videos for classwork, cover lessons, homework, ICT clubs, self-study and so much more. And best of all, all the preparing and planning has been done for the teacher. Sketchup is free to use - get started by going here.


Part 1 - Introduction     sketchup1
Part 2 - Building the dog house
Part 3 - Adding materials
Part 4 - Styles, shadows and views
Part 5 - Using components
Part 6 - Making components
Part 7 - The 'Follow me' tool
Part 8 - 3D text
Part 9 - Freehand drawing