Python 3 video set 1 - what we will make

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We have produced a set of videos to help you and your students get up and running fast in Python 3. We make use of the Python 3 turtle module as many students will be familiar with some turtle programming in primary school, perhaps using Logo. Using these videos, students will be able to work at their own pace and will soon be modifying and adapting the code in the projects to suit their own aims. These videos have been tried and tested with different year 7 classes and really do get your students on the way as competent programmers.

This set of videos is available to schools and colleges as a download, to host on their own password-protected Intranets and password-protected VLEs. Please see the shop here for further details and the Order Form here for prices. If you buy a subscription to the Key Stage 3, GCSE or A Level web site resources, you can download this set of videos for free and host them on your password-protected VLE and Intranet.

The videos in this set are:

What we will make.
Getting started.
A basic square.
Dealing with errors.
Adding comments.
The background function.
Random numbers.
Random colours.