Licence information for subscribers

1) A subscription allows currently enrolled pupils and currently employed teachers at one school site or one college site to access all our materials 365 / 24 / 7 from home or school for the period of the licence up to a maximum of 300 simultaneous connections.

2) It is a breach of our copyright to use any of our materials without a valid and up-to-date subscription.

3) You may view, print and use any resource as many times as you like within your subscription period. 

4) You are not allowed to store any of our resources offline in either paper or electronic form for viewing or distribution at a later date. However, you may store up to 10 different worksheets offline temporarily for up to two weeks whilst you are using them as long as you hold a current Subscriber's Licence.

5) If you allow your subscription to lapse, you must delete all stored materials from your storage devices.

6) Schools and colleges will be given two Logins and passwords. One login and password is for students and one for teachers. The teachers' details must never be given to students. If you suspect that a pupil has these details, please contact us and we will change the login details.

7) We would ask that when you give out logins and passwords to students, you spend five minutes explaining to your students the requirement that they keep them safe and private and that they do not distribute them to others outside of the school. We appreciate that this is out of your direct control, but it is important that students understand that distributing passwords to unauthorised users may result in passwords and logins being temporarily suspended whilst we change them, which impacts on the students.

8) We actively monitor login and password use using Google Analytics and will temporarily suspend accounts whilst passwords and logins are changed where it is clear that unrealistic access is happening using a particular account e.g. we detect that excessive use is being made of an account in another part of the country or world! Again, we appreciate that this is out of your direct control.