Privacy policy

This privacy policy relates theteacher.info Ltd. It details the areas where user privacy is concerned. theteacher.info Ltd does everything it can to protect the privacy of its visitors to the website and customers purchasing our products, both digital and in paper form. We comply with all current UK national laws and requirements for the privacy of users.

Contacting you
We will usually store the name, email address, work address and position of anyone contacting us by email or placing an order with us. This information is kept private and securely, as required by the Data Protection Act 1998. We will occasionally contact you by email, informing you about product updates and new releases. Whilst we recommend that you allow us to do this so that you are using the latest products, we will not contact anyone who asks us to remove them from our email list. We will never pass on your details to a third party. We use a mailing list provided by a third party organisation. We send out advertising material no more than three times in a year, and usually less. We will remove your name from our latest mailing list if requested to do so. 

Use of Cookies
Cookies are files used to track and store information about a user's visit to a website. Whilst theteacher.info Ltd does not write or make direct use of cookies on its website, it is possible that third party software used by theteacher.info Ltd does. Where this is the case, you will be asked when you visit the site of a third party vendor whether you wish to allow cookies or not. This gives you the option to protect the details of your visit and complies with recent legislation, where websites are required to obtain explicit consent before cookies are used. 

We make use of Google Analytics Pro and a number of other analysis websites to better understand how our software is used. This gives us very detailed information about how our website is used, although it does not match up an individual's visit to the statistics. These applications also helps us ensure that the logins and passwords we issue to schools and colleges are being used in accordance with our licencing terms and not being unfairly distributed to users who do not have the right to use them. Google Analytics Pro and our other software will not collect or store personal information although they may ask you to accept a cookie to help them analysis how our website is used. You can read a copy of Google's Privacy Policy by visiting this website: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

We take great care in ensuring that any links we provide in our products to third party websites are relevant to the topics being studied by Computer Scientists. We cannot, however, be held liable for any content of third party websites. Teachers are advised to check links for themselves before allowing students access to such websites. Please email us details of any broken or rogue links, which you discover or any problems with any of our resources. We will do our best to get these resolved in a timely manner.